Nanny is a person who takes care of your children when you are not around. And nannies have been playing an integral part of people who run our country because parents who have big responsibilities like running a country makes parents disappear from the picture most of times. Some people think the culture of hiring a nanny has started in the new era but nannies too have a history just like everything else. And it is a kind of history which no one knows about it. The word nanny was introduced 1790. But nannies have been here long before this time too. As early as 800 B.C. nanny was a person who helped in giving birth to a child like the mid wife. The Greek called them the wet-nurses. Even the Bible has references of nannies as well. The word nanny is derived from grandmother which is also called a granny. So, see how it all links together.

Nannies in the early 1400s were also called nursemaids or simply nurses. They were hired as servants for the children and they used to do different chores of the house too. And in the 1800s when the British empire came into existence, nannies were designated as the ‘lady of the house’. Because they were the ones who took care of all the children. And back in the days, people used to have dozen children at least. And there was one nanny who was supposed to take care of all the children. So, now you know why there were designated with such a title and they deserved it because, in those times, nannies used to live in those houses for decades and serves the family line. 

Nannies also educated them until they went to school. In those times, there was much unemployment for women and women who wanted to live independently, worked as a nanny and in return they weren’t offer much salary. But the salary also included a place to stay and food. Well, the food was also a chore for nanny because they had to cook too. The year 1900 to 2000 was a Victorian era where nannies got were recognized as senior domestic staff. And it was the era when agencies established who outsourced nannies and before doing that, they provided them a complete training for taking care of children and homes.

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