Upholstery is the considerable thing for any furniture you get. There is variety of upholstery available and you have to select the best according to your decoration requirements. you have to get the best upholstery in design along with having durable nature.

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Leather is the earliest used upholstery type and it is of worth till today. Not only because it’s a natural fabric but it is also having some other quality features. Its features include, stain resistance, long-lasting, easy to clean and much more. Due to all this, while being expensive its worthy to get. It can easily set as both in your home, tradition and modern way. in Dubai, most of the upholstery is of leather. Leather sofa repair Dubai is also an easy thing. Lots of people acquire the profession of sofa repairing.


Getting velvet as upholstery is a luxurious choice. it acquires both natural and artificial varieties. It is much expensive to get and not easy to clean unless the spill get cleans instantly. On the other side it very soft and comfortable to feel. You can easily get velvet upholstery in enchanting colors. Velvet creates additional luxury effect on a trending chair or couch in your living room or study. It will be greatly suitable on lounge and master room.


Linen is also a natural fiber, but it is plant based natural fiber which is made up of flax. It gets combined with a man-made option for extra longevity feature. it is a common for upholstery due to reasonable in cost. Withstanding to moth in natural way, and it is able to bear pilling and fading. Linen is not good to use in humid climate. It is an ideal choice for formal look dining chairs because it shines when do not use much.


Cotton is the fabric called for our lives. It is the most popular and common upholstery type. Especially, cotton can withstand potentially to wear and tear and fading. It gives you variety of options for colors because it is able to get dyed very well. It is string fabric with offering breathability and comfort. Along with all this, there are several standards for cotton, so anyone can afford buying cotton according to their budget.