There are so many things that Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai forget to tell you about the place and the same goes for Australia immigration consultants in Dubai but honestly it is not their mistake as many times little things get lost in the bigger and important ones. This is why here we have a few things that you will only find in Canada:

  • Niagara Falls

Ok, you may find Niagara Falls on the other side of the boarder as well but what you won’t find there is the breathtaking view from the Canadian side. Not only that but the journey also matters thus when you take a 90 minute drive from Toronto you will find vineyards which will offer you the local delicacy and even the samples icewine which everyone needs to try once in their life.

  • All day – and night – long parties

We all know it’s hard to find a club which is open 24/7 a place that never closes and never gets empty. Head over to Vancouver to witness the clubbing life that never ceases to disappoint. People party all around and there is hardly a chance that you will have to pause because there is always a group out there having fun and enjoying the wildness of the city. Every individual who loves to party have made Vancouver their destination.

  • Relive John & Yoko’s bed-in peace

It’s been ages since world war ended and John Lennon along with his wife Yoko Ono introduced us to the infamous bed-in in Montreal but through all these years the place has stood still with visitors all around and anyone can choose to stay in the same suite as the couple and enjoy the moment same way they did all those years ago.

  • Poutine

This is a famous Canadian dish originating from Quebec now served all over Canada with kids being the biggest fan of it. It’s a simple dish yet so tasty that you would want to take it back to your home country. Poutine is slathered brown gravy poured over the thick chips with a splash of cheese giving it an amazing and different flavour that everyone falls in love with. You have to try Poutine once in your life because it’s the kind of goodness that you will always remember.