Warom is one of the few companies that make industrial explosion proof lighting. These lights are of different types and they serve different proposes so that they can help people in protecting them. All of these classes further have sub divisions to make them different from each other. If you want to know more about these different classes then you should see here:

Class 1 (a): In the first division of class one there are lights which are necessary in the atmospheres where flammable gasses are more prone. These lights are more important when flammable gasses, fumes and solutions are continually present in the atmosphere all the time no matter which day of the week it is.

Class 1 (b): In the first class there is another division in which also the presence of flammable gasses, fumes and solutions is there. But the presence of these combustible things is only when there are some abnormal conditions appear. If these conditions are not there then there will be no need of these lights.

Class 2 (a): This is the second class of explosion proof lights and in the first division of this class are the lights present which prevent the explosive dusts which are present under all the conditions. These are continually present in the atmosphere and there will always be the possibility of explosion.

Class 2 (b): In this division of class two there are lights that can prevent the explosive dust which is present there under abnormal conditions. They will not be there always and will come to action only when those abnormal situations occur. 

Class 3 (a): This division of class three includes lighting that is for the atmosphere where there is a continuous presence of combustible particle of fibers and materials. These particles are present always in the atmosphere.

Class 3 (b): In this division of class three there are particles of combustible fibers and materials are present but only in the abnormal conditions. To prevent any kind of explosion there should be lights instilled so that people and surroundings can be saved from any mishap. These lights are very important to keep the place safe and easy to work in that place. They will also lower down the expenses of insurance claims which they have to pay otherwise.

With all of this information at hand, you can easily choose the right type of lighting as per your needs.