Mental health is one of the subjects which is least talked. Mental health basically consists of our social, physical and psychological health. Mental health has a great influence on how we talk to people, how we react or how we think. It also influences on the management of stress and how do a person cope up with that stress. Mental health is really important and should not be ignored or avoided at any age whether you are a child, a teenager or an adult. 

Mental health can be disturbed due to various reasons. It can be due to excessive stress, genetic problems, trauma or family history of mental health. Mental health is a subject which is not talked about more because the person with mental health disturbances is considered abnormal. This makes the condition worsen. Here are many people who get well just by proper counseling. There are many counselors who are experts at their jobs and make people well just by asking them their problems and talking to the patient. Counseling in Dubai has gained popularity and people are getting benefits from these counselors and are getting fine.

Depression is one of the mental health issues and it is a very common and serious health issues. Depression not only affects your mental health negatively but it also reflects sadness and lack of interest in your personality. Symptoms of depression are feeling sad or having a depressed mood, lack of interest in activities, finding ways to stay alone, the person either stops eating or does binge eating which results in weight loss or weight gain. Other than that people with depression also sleep a lot or do not sleep at all i.e., suffer from insomnia.

People suffering from depression feel guilty of their personality and feel worthless. Such people always think of dying or committing suicide which has to be solved. There are many psychologists who offer depression treatment in Dubai. The patient should be taken to the psychologist as soon as possible in order to take away all the thoughts of suicide and death from their minds. 

We should also understand that sadness and depression is not the same thing. Sadness prevails for a day or two and then you get back to your life but depression lasts longer and you are unable to concentrate on your daily activities due to it.