Suits are such an important part of the corporate world and fashion decent clothing which every single person should own. Yet there are still so many things that we are oblivious to. Here are some facts about mens wedding suits in Dubai and how they have evolved since the dawn of time to bring us the modern day representation of it.

  • Introduction of vents in the suit jacket

Have you ever wondered why and how were the little seamless slits in the suit jacket were invented? Well, if you have figured out their purpose then here’s how they came into being:

This all dates back to hundreds of years when people used to ride horses. What used to happen was when they were seated on the horses’ back, the jacket would just sit atop in a very weird manner which would not only ruin the suit but also looked displeasing and awkward. In order to avoid that, a vent in the back was made by the tailors and this gave way to seamless sitting of the suit. The same goes for the slits on the sides. This is a technique which is followed by suit tailor in Dubai to this date in helping people have a comfortable seat.

  • Handkerchiefs as pocket squares

You may have noticed the aesthetic looking pocket squares which are often matched with the shirt inside the jacket are there for the sole purpose of beauty whereas in the older days it had a more practical use. In the older century, they were invented by the king of England for hygiene purposes where he would use the handkerchief for blowing their nose (lol, not really, after all it was the royal highness) and the same was adopted by the higher class folk. They would actually use it to cover their mouth when walking amongst the regular or lower class people. (very racial – we know) But soon people realized that no one wants to show a dirty handkerchief on their front breast pocket and this is when they started going back in the pant pockets. It wasn’t until the two piece suit was invented and the pocket square was again considered pleasing. Now there are different rules to styling the pocket squares by matching it with the inside shirt and a lot more.