Listening the word Bollywood creates a very cheesy and entertaining aspect in mind. It is an amusing way to spend time with your friends and families while watching a Bollywood movie. You made him that what is Bollywood.

So today we will explain you by the glowing word of Hindi cinema named as Bollywood.

Bollywood is an industry almost every day producing an excessive number of movies. You can observe that Bollywood movies much famous hole around the globe.

Bollywood movies are sometimes funny like New South Indian movies. But Bollywood movies are filled with all the emotions and features. As mentioned, Bollywood movies are popular, Bollywood cinema Dubai is also bombarded with people to get entertainment.

Take a look below, mentioning some distinctive characteristics about Bollywood movies.

Long movies:

If you are going to watch a Bollywood movie so make yourself prepared to be seated in front of a screen for almost three hours. All the Bollywood movies should have a break after intimation to make their audience more engaged. The three hours evolvement in movie is because of emotional scenario in nice story. Actually, Indian facilitates them for the longest period of entertainment.

Glowing colorful movies:

Bollywood movies are widely known because of exaggerated costumes, use of cosmetics and neon colours particularly in women. Most of the time women in a Bollywood movie get dressed in their traditional dress code sarees with heavy jewellery and except use of makeup. Indian people love glowing colours in almost everything. Their movies are completely filled with colours and vibrancy. It is liked by most of the people but some people also dislike it.

Repetitive plots based movies:

There are several Bollywood movies having one single thing in common, which is their story line. One of the most involved what has a protagonist, a male fall in love with women. The movie revolves around that protagonist and women fighting to get their love. Movie is filled with lots of dancing, crying, comedy, and fighting. And after all this at the end the man and the woman get United, a perfect happy ending. This Lord has been used several times with different scenarios. We can suggest that Indian loves to show that love conquer all. Still several new movies also show based on the same plot.