Online payment gateways facilitate your transactions of online payments and credit card payments. Payment gateways are third party services that are not involved in credit card merchant services UAE. As they are third party services you must be careful while choosing them. Also they should suit and fit your business type. If you have the right payment gateway you can have great success in your business. Here are some of the tips that will help you choose the right payment gateway for you:


Security comes first in every situation. Now when you are working with sensitive information specially of your customers. For this security should be your first priority. The UAE payment gateway you are selecting should be reputable and trustworthy. This is so that the information of your client is in safe and secure. If your payment gateway is not delicate about your and your client’s information it will also effect your business as you will lose your customers and damage your reputation.

Best fits you:

Your business is just unique and different. But what important here is that your gateway should get along your business and does not stand odd one out in your online business. If it does not fits well into your website it would create hassle for your customers resulting in negative experiences thus losing customers. The interesting part is now many of the online payment gateways are providing with the customization facility that will suit best your business giving the best experience to you and your customers.


If you are getting a service you have to pay for the costs. With transactions associated with payment gateways you have to pay the transaction fees. But sometimes there are hidden costs and charges with them for which you have to read the terms and conditions carefully. Sometimes the gateways can also charge your customers that can be very irritating for them and you might lose customers. Always carefully research for what are the costs and charges that online payment gateways are demanding.

Variety of methods:

Customers like variety, so does businessmen as they get business from variety of people. So is the case in payment acceptance the more methods you provide the more types of customers you attract. So before choosing an online payment gateway always look for the one that is offering many different payment methods to your customers.