There are a lot of stores in every country even in your own city. Due to a large number of stores there is also a good demand for the cash counter persons who are well educated and know about the handling of cash and the vend POS hardware. It is also possible that you do not know about the machine operating and the store will hire you and give you time and opportunity to learn from the seniors but this is a rare thing to occur so if you want to get a job of cash counter then you need to learn that thing before that. There are a lot of POS machine suppliers Dubai from where you can get the idea about the machines and the places where you can learn them. It is not a difficult thing to learn. You just have to know about 3 to 4 different things like card handling, cash handling, end of day activities etc. You can see two of them in detail below:

Card handling: When a customer provides his card to pay the bill then you will have two options to accept that card. You can accept through entering the details manually or through the automatic system. It depends on the store that which system they are using. If they are using the manual system then they will have a standalone terminal to check the funds availability of the card and for this purpose it must be linked with the internet. If the store is accepting cards through the automatic system then you have to tick the items of the list first and then choose the card payment method on the POS machine’s screen.

Cash handling: If the customer is providing the cash for payment of bill then you have to select the items from the list and then choose the cash payment option. The machine will automatically calculate the total amount of the bill. Then you have to tell to the customer to pay the bill of that amount. Normally they pay with more than the required amount so you have to enter the paid amount on the machine and then it will tell the remaining amount which should be returned to the customer. Take the amount from drawer and return.