Translating things have always been an important thing for people who have shifted in different countries, for business and companies who work with different countries. And this is the only reason why this field is emerging a lot in the world. There are translators at the airports, courtrooms, hotels, restaurants, schools, colleges, you think of a place and there might be only a few places where you don’t see a translator’s future. But since this is the modern time and everything that a human does the machines or computer does the job in lesser time and in a perfect way. 

There are machines are computers for everything in this era. Even people are using computers to spread knowledge around the globe like; people are giving language learning classes via YouTube and on different websites. There was a time when you had to take proper classes and join school to become a bilingual but times have changed. From these online and free classes people are becoming translators and earn a good amount of salary just by freelancing. And this is the reason that this field is making its space in every business out there. There are Google translation and other translating software which are being used but the thing is behind these translations and software are still humans who are doing it. And the most schools found for legal translations in Dubai are available, so if you are a resident of UAE just search up and you can even find the best jobs for it.

So, what mega businesses ask that who is better an actual human being or a machine or you can say a software?! You can do the math; it is humans who make the software and other translations or any other marketing translation services are done by humans only. And there are more reasons why one should hire a human for the job. Yes, humans are slow as compared to machine but what machine can’t do is, they do not understand culture and emotions. Every culture in the world is different and has different meaning, a machine might know their culture but understanding them is just another level. The machine cannot understand the context of a document. Machine cannot duplicate tone and style; it knows fonts and structure of sentences but it cannot understand that either the document is a poem, or is it a movie script, or is it a documentary. Coming to final words; a human is best in every field.