In recent articles we have talked about charted accountancy that what it what are the benefits of charted accountancy what are the key books that students have to study in their education period. Which is so important to know about it? But with Charted Accountant here are so many accountancy qualifications which are going parallel with CA. and we need to learn about other accounting qualifications and should have knowledge about these certifications that could help us in our educational period.  Actually these accounting certifications are so helpful for the betterment of our future. Adnoc icv certification agencies provide us the information about accounting qualifications and even some audit firms in Dubai do that work for the betterment of the students. Given below is some information pertaining to some accounting qualifications.  We are going to discuss about them and basic steps that we need to have these certifications

  • Charted Accountant (INDIA)
  • Certified management Account (US)
  • Charted certified accountant (UK)
  • Charted global management account (UK)
  • Masters of business administration

Charted Accountant:

Becoming a charted accountant qualification could be hard to complete but not impossible we know that it is time consuming certification but this certification is much popular in the world because it gives you briefly education about accountancy. It boost your career and having this certification is career path for your future.

Steps to Become Charted Accountant

This certification takes approximately 3 to 5 years to complete where you have to pass your exams and do practical work. To get admission in this certification you have to pass the CPT (common proficiency test) about your commerce can have this test after doing the graduation from school. This test held 2 times in a year. After getting pass the test you will be able to get admission in charted accountancy.

Certified Management Accountant (US)

Getting the certified management accountancy is actually accounting career for the next accounting level that is why most of the people preferred this certification. The exams and course is suitable for the professionals who are doing job somewhere.  CMA is most famous accounting certification in India and this Degree is highly preferred in India after Charted Accountancy. This is because of its suitability for the job holders. Institute of cost accountants of Indian are providing this certification in India.

Steps to get admission in CMA

To get admission in this certification you just need to have graduation degree. This certification has two parts examination in year and need 2 years relevant experience. Fresh candidates can also apply for CMA.