You spend a lot of time of your day in your bedroom so your bedroom must be attractive and in the meanwhile it must be decorated in a way that it provides comfort to you. but sometimes it can be hard to decorate your bedroom because of selection of colors for bedroom. If you are also confused about the decoration of bedroom then you must read this article. Here we have provided the best guide of residential interior design in Dubai to you by which you may find it easy to decorate your bedroom. Some of these ideas can also work for your office interior design in Dubai.

Use bold wallpaper for your room:

If you want to make your bedroom colorful then you can go for bold wallpaper for your room. There are different wallpapers available in market which are bright in color and are printed. So you can choose any one of them for your room. If you want to do minimum decoration in your room then you can go for floral printed wallpapers because with this you will not need to do decoration in your room. 

Add greenery to your room:

If you have chosen white color for your bedroom then you should add some bright colors to your room accessories. You can add some greenery in your room. It will also give fresh look to your room and you will enjoy this view when you will get up in morning. 

Use art behind the bed:

If walls of your room are light in color then you can also choose art to hang behind your bed. You can choose bright colored art to compensate the light color of your walls. 


If your room has window in outside then you can add curtains to your window. If the whole set up of your room is white then you should white curtains for your room. But if you are going to choose bright colored curtains then these must be in contrast with the set up of your room. 

Layered bedding:

If you want to give glamorous look to your bed then you can also go for layered bedding. It also gives royal look to your bed.

Add lighting to your room:

Now a days, different colored and customized lights are also available in market so according to your room set up you can also choose lighting for your room. You can add these lights on the side walls of your room.